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Results From Representative Cases

Employment Litigation:

Sub-category: Wrongful Constructive Discharge.
Facts: Chief Compliance Offer was constructively discharged when he resigned because he could not be part of unethical conduct by CEO of financial services firm. Result: $347,000 settlement shortly after initiation of litigation in Superior Court.

Sub-category: Breach of Executive Employment Contract.
Facts: CEO of medical device company worked for six years under a deferred compensation agreement with start-up medical device company. Result: $1.2 million settlement during arbitration proceedings (after defeating three defense motions to dismiss and prevailing on our own summary adjudication motion).

Sub-category: Retaliation.
Facts: Male engineer retaliated against and forced out because he complained about unsafe working conditions. Result: $2,450,000 settlement during trial.

Sub-category: Age/gender discrimination.
Facts: Female bartender fried because she was “too old” at age 40. Result: $425,000 settlement prior to trial.

Sub-category: Disability discrimination.
Facts: Female office worker fired after taking medical leave. Result: $120,000 settlement early in litigation.


Facts: Businessman libeled when his name is erroneously connected to corrupt business practices in Nigeria. Libel printed in book. Result: $600,000 settlement

Facts: Businessman libeled when comic implies in book that he attempted to rape a girl during high school many years prior. Libel printed in book. Result: $62,500 payment, plus apology letter and retraction.

Wage & Hour:

Facts: Network engineer not paid overtime or on-call time. Result: $280,000 settlement early in litigation.

Facts: Financial analyst not paid overtime or allowed breaks. Result: $67,000 trial verdict, plus attorneys’ fees and costs.

Business Litigation:

Facts: Gas station franchisee misled by oil company, which attempted to escape liability for improvements. Result: $990,000 settlement.

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