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Amber Balakian

5 Stars

Mr. Sperber is one of the most skilled and intelligent attorneys in the industry. I spoke with several attorneys initially. However, I was deeply impressed by his overall knowledge and perspective of what I was facing. I was grateful he agreed to help me. It initially seemed intimidating to pursue a case against my very large employer, but Mr. Sperber gave me the confidence to pursue it. He was very honest, patient, attentive and forthcoming throughout the entire process. I was very happy with the outcome, and appreciated all of his persistence in pursuing justice for my case. If you are looking for an attorney who has both brilliance and integrity, Mr. Sperber is that diamond in the rough. He will also make you laugh, which I appreciated given the nature of most legal situations.

William Prince

5 Stars

Brilliant, honest, and likable attorney with a vital and unfortunately necessary specialty in labor law. Most attorneys I have worked with are more attuned to their billable hours, than to the client’s legal issues. Anthony was patient, thoughtful and respectful for both my case as well as his invoicing. I hope I will never need to make another appointment at his office, but would love to meet him in Berkley’s Gourmet Ghetto, to treat him to a fine meal for a job extremely well done.

Artem Andrusov

5 Stars

I am delighted to have found Mr. Sperber. He showed genuine understanding and human engagement right from our first contact. He is quick to respond, professional, and caring, which is a rare combination in an attorney these days. I fully endorse the other positive reviews about him and highly recommend him.

Roberta Laub-Rode

5 Stars

Mr. Sperber is a wonderful lawyer. After calling several lawyers when I was in need to urgent advice, he called me back within minutes and patiently listed to my questions and answered all of them. It is clear he really cares for his clients and mostly wants everyone to have the best experience possible. I decided to hire his services and I am very happy with his product, which was done very fast and for a reasonable fee. I would highly recommend Mr. Sperber to friends and family!


5 Stars

Anthony really listens to what you have to say. I've tried other law firms and their consultation mostly ends if they don't have a slam dunk case. Anthony gives you a fair shot and when people need to be heard, it's the best feeling one can get. Really appreciate Anthony's mentality.

Alison Boden

5 Stars

It's extremely difficult to find an attorney you can trust and also afford. Anthony is that unicorn/needle in a haystack/pick your metaphor. This is why:

  1. He does not charge for an initial consultation to discuss your situation. Other lawyers will try and you should run quickly from them.
  2. He will work with you to figure out the best possible outcome for your situation, not try to push you into costly litigation.
  3. He is easy to talk to and has a good sense of humor. This is an underrated quality in attorneys, but it's actually important to find someone you like (especially if they're going to be in your life for several weeks/months/years).

If you're reading this (and therefore in the position to be shopping for an employment lawyer), I'm sorry. That sucks. And I really recommend giving Anthony a call.

Angela Pacheco

5 Stars

This firm is our family’s go-to for the various burning questions that inevitably arise from curious employment practices in the busy Bay Area. Our friends also enjoy the same quick and considerate help. We can always count on Anthony Sperber, Esq.

Tia Welty

5 Stars

Atty. Sperber was the only one, of many attorneys I'd contacted, that actually reached out to me directly, instead of an intake clerk. He was diligent, professional, and actively listened, in order to understand my case, to which he helped me understand more law terminology. Much appreciated! Would certainly recommend him to others.

Missi Elliott

5 Stars

The most dedicated Law Professional in California. Mr. Sperber knows exactly what he is doing and I have full faith he can seek justice in any case. I highly recommend his business.

Mamie Lai

5 Stars

Top notch labor law attorney! Responsive, active listener, expert, efficient, respectful. Highly recommend him! Found him on C.E.L.A., and was so impressed by his manner and expert advice.

Ryan Stone

5 Stars

Anthony was responsive and helpful!

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